Company profile

After18Years of training,A professional team

Shenzhen xin control technology co., LTD is a professionalICThe chip

Agent sales and project development of high and new technologyEnterprise。

After eighteen years of ups and downs,In order to“Focus on the same,Strive for perfection”The enterprise spirit, for guidance,

Taiwan's far xiang,MST(The science and technology)Level 1 agent qualification,

Companies continue to grow stronger under the shenzhen headquarters,Taizhou office,And changzhou office

Zhongshan office,Regional layout to enhance the brand influence。


Now our company is mainly dedicated to promoting sales hallIC,Power management,LEDDrive series products。

The power series main products including voltage fluctuation pressure management,LEDDriver,Li-ion battery charging management,LDOSeries and so on;

The product mainly includes far xiang hallFD,FSThe whole series,MSTThe full series hall;

LEDDrive,Relying on the far xiangLEDDriver chip,With our professional engineering development ability and rich experience accumulation,

For portable lighting manufacturers can provide optimal solutions、

The best quality products and integration、The most perfect technical training and consulting services。

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