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    Service project
    Family services as the core design of all products and processes,Industry is the first domestic service packages membership card mode。The traditional domestic industry uncontrollable mediation patterns。
    • Household cleaning
      House Cleaning

      Forest cleaning、Careful cleaning、Wipe glass, etc

    • Household cleaning
      Home Cleaning

      Cloth art sofa cleaning、Clean floor heating、Cleaning the curtains, etc

    • Home care
      Home Care

      Leather care、Solid wood furniture maintenance、Wood floor waxing

    • Maintenance dredging

      Water and electricity maintenance、Household appliances repair and maintenance, etc

    • Environmental improvement
      Air Treatment

      Air pollution、Xiaosha anti-pest、Disinfection in addition to flavor, etc

    • Engineering clean
      Project Cleaning

      External wall cleaning、Stone care、Floor care, etc

    • Her training
      Yuesao training

      Maternal care、Baby care, etc

    • The nursery teacher training
      Nursery teacher training

      Life care、Daily life care and nursing, etc

    • Lactation teacher training
      Prolactin training

      Painless milk、Lactation in TCM、Postpartum milk and so on

    Company profile

    Chibi huiquan domestic employment service co., LTD

      Chibi chibi huiquan domestic employment service co., LTD is the first with legal person qualification,Professional operation of domestic service agencies,Chibi formerly known as domestic employment service center,Chibi by administration of labor and employment application,Chibi by labor and social security bureau approved the establishment2002Years10Month。2011Years6Month20Due to the need of business development,The chibi to human resources and social security bureau approval center upgrade renamed《Chibi huiquan domestic employment service co., LTD》。Company headquarters is located in chibi puxi office in west street community residents' committees(Chibi Chun sichuan road149Number),For the community for the convenience of service window。Chibi belonging to labor and employment administration,Is one of the chibi reemployment civilization window...

    Maternal and child lecture hall

    【Maternal and child lecture hall】Neonatal care of a few tips

      Holding the baby would spoil him。The main reason the newborn baby crying is that they need,May be changing diapers、Drink milk、Or just want to be a hug。Let the baby to relax help him feel secure and loved。The baby will not be easily spoil。The facts...

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