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Dongguan shun teng electronics co., LTD is a professional wire manufacturers,The main production of high quality cable、Connector、Audio video line and other auxiliary line。As the wire rod function diversification,More and more areas began to use this kind of wire,Such as mobile phones、The computer、The camera、Game consoles, etc。

The company was founded in2005Years,So far has a history of ten years。During this period,We have accumulated rich experience in production,According to the market demand transformation process in a timely manner,Meet the personalized needs of customers。At the same time,Company research and development、Production、Sales、Service in a body,All links customer service ability。It is for these reasons,We did not produce a large number of highly popular products market...

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Shun electronic dynamic
Double cable is coming soon

In the near future,Our company launch new product,Double cable,A dual cable,Can be used to directlyiphoneAndAndroid,Get rid of multi-line trouble for you。

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Industry news
Type-cWhat are the main functions of the data line?

USB Type-CCable in2015Years received widespread support,Many vendors are introducedusb type-cCable interface products。According to the green analysis,At present the market in view of the existing a large number of android devices related products,More is forUSB Type-CWithType AThe transformation of the data line。

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