About GoldSail

About the golden sail brand


Golden sail brand founded in food1994Years,Is a collection of production、The sale in a body's comprehensive bakery chain enterprises。At present our retail chains have also、Jiujiang jiujiang and surrounding counties20Years of development,Golden sail brand already has a food group:The New York phil、Thousands of wheat、John·Bani、Seven angels、About,Chen, card, etc. More child brand。

2007Golden sail brand in jiujiang lushan district ecological industrial park land20Mu has been built16000Square meters of modern factory building、Bakery products research and development center and food control center,As well2015In planning under construction7000We insist on the green pollution-free products,Pure handmade。For reducing food was delicious,Choose golden sail brand food,Let your life more delicate and elegant!

Until now,Golden sail brand food adhere to safety、Health、Health、Natural、Delicious、Specification of production standards,Strictly the quality pass。The food safety in the first place,The natural delicious as guarantee。At the same time adhering to the traditional hand-made,Combined with modern production technology,The scientific production process、Standardization、Standardization。

Company founded more than 20 years,Stick to spirit“The customer is supreme,Service first”The service tenet,Provide for the society“Sincere、Simplicity、Enthusiasm、Kind”The service;To provide“Color incense、Tasty,With high quality、Health、Health” Bakery products。“People-oriented,Strive for perfection,Development and innovation”Is the enterprise spirit of golden sail brand。To the jiujiang golden sail brand food co., LTD. Founded to become the head of the food industry in jiangxi province,The model of China's food industry as own duty,With high sense of responsibility for the development of the enterprise of the Chinese nation、Carry forward the jiujiang jiujiang food culture、Tourism and contribute a strength。

Jone Deo

"Promise is gold occasions. Good faith is the sail."


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Acura·Mini series

True love·Fruit series

Tong qu·Cartoon series

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meal of the day

Light much cake,Light luxury enjoyment


To fully adopt the imported cream cream-Love really fresh cream,Milk fat content as high as38%:Brewed by choosing natural ripe strawberries、Mango、Blueberries,Deemed to choose standard higher than the market50%The above。


The entire first four color taste more mousse,Enjoy the four kinds of taste;The sole research new fruit mini cake,Four new mini,Please enjoy delicate and delicious。

With your heart

Fine point is visible in the heart,Wipe your entrance to the mellow taste,Is more than research and development team100Time test。

Our Mission

Our mission

Create happiness and delicacy

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Golden sail brand10Light type of healthy drink ooze cool

The temperature grew hot Short sleeve has wear colorful cuisine also attached some hot delicious suddenly lost its appeal when a cup of cool and refreshing drinks and elegant mood up golden sail brand10Light type of healthy drink ooze cool drink listed on the new appearance level


He in the flagship store|Opening activities disclosed in advance,Wan Yuanhao gift waiting for you

After a few period revealed that the plot,A lot of gold have to succumb
Has direct messages small make up things about opening activities now small make up will inform you the guest officer opening activities



New product·A completely new look|New product first to see the spring

The breeze stroke,In march the golden sail brand food2018Product launch in the spring,Yu Jinfan li old street store,Delicious bloom of jiujiang23A media higher-ups in sharing the food feast

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