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Nanchang steady order technology co., LTD. The main computer、Entrance guard、Attendance、Consumption、Patrolling、Visitors、The ladder control、The pedestrian、Drive-through、Video monitoring and other security integrated management platform,The fingerprint、Your face、Vein and other biometric system equipment(The prison、The bank、The troops、Security system files and collections of cultural relics area),Provide system solutions sales and project construction;Agent brand:When he first、Central control、Czech shing、Ou bao、Hundred domestic well-known brands such as intelligent,The quality of whole system products by a third party certification,Let the customers buy the rest assured,Use of peace of mind。The company has a good team,Scientific management,A clear division of responsibilities;Professional sales team,Partition management concentration as a whole,Sales and information feedback,Really into product and market,Constant innovation;Professional engineering and technical team,Brought together a group of weak current in the security industry elite,Research and development、Design、Construction personnel in the weak current work the average length of service in the security industry3Years of above;Good employee conduct、Abide by professional ethics,Is a truly skilled engineering team。 Nanchang steady order service scope of science and technology co., LTD:Products wholesale;On-site investigation、The project design、Equipment supply、Site construction、After-sales service and information feedback,Project engineering one-stop service。
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