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·Want to know about the material of anticorrosive wood
·We should choose in the floor of the outdoor
·Process characteristics and the main construction template
·Ecological wood square wood free from contamination、No male
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·You know building (what are the best
·Teach you how to choose and buy building wood square
·A simple introduction not of China fir and pine
·《Wood and wood products market


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    Lanzhou wood co., LTD., established in the company2001Years,Predecessor is a pioneer in lanzhou. (3) supplies co., LTD1992Years。We have long30Timber business for many years、Sales processing team,One-stop shopping is my company long-term adherence to the service concept。
    2017In lanzhou in building new sets of wood processing equipment,Processing technology can achieve relatively accurate。Large problems solved before the error of the old equipment,All current products processing radiation northwest provinces。My company in Inner Mongolia for a long time、The black dragon


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